Practerra was founded in 2009 in Sydney, Australia and through its experience in renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, biofuels) and forestry, is growing into a leading provider of sustainable resources. 


Pratcerra supplies multiple wood products primarily for renewable energy projects, as well as the wider wood products industry, including paper and pulp. 


Our focus is making sure we are providing the best customer service in the world. It is our belief that knowing our customers’ business and being able to support them in finding solutions to their needs will yield excellent results. Business is about more than just a commercial result, although commercial viability is the basis why which we can achieve other things. 




We are saving forests by using them. In doing so we are helping to stem the tide of irresponsible environmental management and enable a new generation of technologies that can utilize the wealth of existing and developing knowledge in resource management.


With timber we can power cities, provide fuel for every form of transport (cars, airplanes, sea vessels, even trains), enrich and enliven the built environment, supercharge agriculture, provide the building blocks for machines and electronics, and significantly reduce our consumption of fossil fuels.


Like oil kickstarted the industrial revolution and shaped the 20th century, timber will provide the resources to ensure the 21st century is a period of innovation and that sustainable development becomes the base operating platform of society that leads to cleaner, happier, wealthier societies.




Erik Anderson founded Practerra in 2009 with a vision of Practerra being a revered private enterprise driving global change, to implement solutions to global sustainability and environmental problems.


Today he is still working towards the goal. For more than 11 years he has been working in environmental markets, from carbon credit projects, to renewable energy projects and physical timber trades, Erik has experience across multiple sectors including finance, international trade, import/export, forestry, logistics, and renewables.





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