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Heat and Power Production Products

A renewable fuel perfect for heat and power generation. 
Our wood biomass product is carefully created with the end-user's application in mind.


Our biomass specification can be tailored depending on application, country of destination, and user profile.

Wood Biomass

Biomass derived from trees.
Wood biomass originates from freshly harvested timber and depending on the exact area of origin may comprise entirely of wastewood products (off cuts, non-commercial thinnings, bark, leaves etc.).
Woody biomass is a renewable energy source, and correct forest manage practices enable long term health and productivity of forest ecosystems

Raw Woody Biomass Benefits:

  • Widespread and renewable sources of timber globally, in contrast to finite sources of energy.

  • Less capital-intensive conversion technologies employed for exploiting the energy potential of biomass.

  • Attractive opportunity for local, regional, and national energy  self-sufficiency.

  • Techno-economically viable alternative to fast-depleting fossil fuel reserves.

  • Reduction in GHG emissions.

  • Provides opportunities to local farmers, entrepreneurs, and workers in making use of its potential for sustainable job creation.

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