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Woodchips for Production of Paper and Pulp, MDF and other board products

The raw material beginnings of paper, cardboard, tissues, packaging, as well as MDF and other board products


Our woodchip specification can be tailored depending on application, country of destination, and user profile.


Our woodchips originate from freshly harvested timber which is then debarked and chipped to exacting specifications.
Our woodchips are a renewable product and correct forest manage practices enable long term health and productivity of forest ecosystems.

Woodchip Information:

  • Softwood chips produced from Pine wood - Southern Yellow Pine (SYP) and Pinsater Pine. 


  • SYP exported from the US East Coast

  • Pinaster Pine exported from Australia


  • Hardwood chips produced from Eucalyptus and exported from Australia (Eucalyptus chips are suitable for board products only - not paper/pulp)

  • Provides an excellent source of woodfibre for production of paper, pulp and other fibre products.

  • Woodchips also provide wood material for MDF and other board products

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