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Practerra is an Australian company with global reach. We engage in commodity sales and trading to empower our clients' businesses, aiding them in reaching their utmost potential.

At the core of our methodology lies a deep focus on our clients, allowing us to craft all-encompassing solutions tailored to deliver a complete range of commodity services. Fused with a worldwide perspective and inventive tactics, we continuously offer the answers that address the most pressing hurdles faced by our clients.

Who we are

We are a team of accomplished commodity, finance, and technical professionals with a global reputation for excellence. Our unwavering dedication and work ethic define our commitment to delivering exceptional results. 

What we do

Fundamentally, we solve the challenges our clients face in their business so they can focus on their clients and their business. Accessing global commodities and simplifying the supply chain is the core of our businsess. 

Our values

Our values are centered on our clients and our determination to deliver straightforward results in a clear and efficient way. 

Our team

Learn about our leadership team. 

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