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Who we are

The Practerra team consists of industry experts deeply entrenched in the world of commodities. With decades of collective experience gained from prominent roles in leading commodity and shipping institutions, global investment banks, and within commodity production, our team boasts an exceptionally diverse and comprehensive skill set, poised to address all our clients' needs.

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Founded in 2009 as a consultancy in the energy market, Practerra has grown to become an independent producer and trader of a multitude of commodities ranging from timber to coal and minerals. 

Additions to our management and operations team have transformed us into a highly capable team able to service customers globally with excellence. 

Our Team

Practerra's foundation lies in a set of guiding principles that steer our actions. Placing the needs of our clients at the forefront, we maintain a customer-centric approach, driven by their requirements. Our ability to navigate challenges stems from our innovative strategies and a global perspective, fostering solutions for our clients' most pressing issues. Transparency and clarity hold significant value for us, and our team operates with innate integrity.

We take immense pride in delivering unparalleled excellence in our services, understanding the criticality of flawless execution for our clients. 

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